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Expert Care for Little Ears: Safely Removing Ear Wax for Kids at Clear Ears Perth

Updated: May 22

Clear Ears Perth is proud to announce the introduction of paediatric ear wax removal services for children aged four years and older. Through dedicated training, continual skill refinement, and the overwhelming demand from concerned parents seeking assistance, the clinic recognised their responsibility to extend this much-needed service to the community of Perth. Spearheaded by Sam Mitchell, who has experience in paediatric audiology and a deep understanding as a father of three young daughters under the age of seven, Clear Ears Perth ensures your child's safety during the procedure with tested distraction techniques. It is crucial for parents to ensure their child remains still throughout the process for optimal outcomes.

Paediatric Ear Wax Removal: $100

For $100, your child will receive a comprehensive ear wax removal service. This includes an ear health history, otoscopic examination of both ears, the removal procedure itself and professional advice for future ear health care.

Responding to the Demand: Why Ear Wax Removal for Kids?

Our decision to offer paediatric services was a direct response to the growing concerns from parents about how to remove ear wax from a child's ears safely. Ear wax removal for children requires particular care and expertise, which became a frequent request at our clinic. Recognising this, we made it our goal to provide a service that meets the expectations of parents looking for an ear wax removal kids service in Perth.

Are Your Child's Ears Blocked With Wax?

Identifying Ear Wax Impaction in Kids

Detecting ear wax impaction in children can be challenging, as symptoms may be subtle or easily confused with other issues. Parents should watch for signs such as ear discomfort, difficulty hearing, or children pulling at their ears. Behavioural changes, like increased irritability or a lack of response to auditory cues, can also indicate a blockage. In some cases, a visible accumulation of wax at the entrance of the ear canal is a clear indicator. It's important to avoid the urge to remove the wax without professional help, as improper methods can push wax further into the canal or damage the ear. If you suspect your child has an ear wax build-up, the safest course of action is to consult with an expert, like those at Clear Ears Perth, who can evaluate the situation and provide appropriate treatment options.

Understanding Ear Wax Build Up in Children

The Impact of Ear Wax on a Child's Hearing

Ear wax, while naturally occurring and beneficial for protecting the ear canal, can become problematic when it builds up excessively. In children, who may not be able to communicate their discomfort effectively, ear wax impaction can lead to notable problems. It can dampen sound, making it difficult for them to hear clearly. This may affect their speech development, social interactions, and academic performance, as they might struggle to follow conversations and instructions. The presence of too much ear wax can also cause discomfort, itchiness, or even pain and in some cases, it can also result in ear infections if not addressed promptly. For these reasons, understanding the signs of ear wax build-up and seeking professional ear wax removal for kids in Perth becomes crucial for parents.

How to Get Rid of Wax From Kids' Ears

When it comes to removing wax from kids' ears, safety and gentleness are paramount. At Clear Ears Perth, we discourage the use of cotton swabs or other implements that might harm a child's sensitive ears. Instead, we recommend professional ear wax removal services, which are performed by skilled clinicians using specialised tools. These methods are designed to be non-invasive and pain-free, ensuring that the child feels comfortable throughout the procedure. The techniques we employ at Clear Ears Perth include microsuction and manual removal with delicate instruments, both of which are effective in clearing blockages without the use of water or undue pressure.

Kids Ear Wax Removal: The Process at Clear Ears Perth

Microsuction and Curettage: Effective Techniques for Kids Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction and curettage are the primary techniques used by the audiologists at Clear Ears Perth for kids ear wax removal. Microsuction is a safe method that involves a gentle vacuum to remove ear wax, without the need for water. This method is particularly suitable for children, as it is less invasive and can be more comfortable than other procedures. Curettage involves the use of specialised instruments to manually remove ear wax and is less noisy compared to microsuction. Our audiologists are skilled in both methods and can choose the most appropriate technique based on the child's needs and the condition of their ear wax. These methods, coupled with the use of distraction techniques to keep the child calm, ensure a smooth and effective removal process, making Clear Ears Perth a trusted place for ear wax removal for kids in Perth.

Tailored Experience: Ensuring Your Child's Safety

We prioritise your child's safety by tailoring our ear wax removal techniques to the needs of each individual patient. We understand that children may feel anxious about medical procedures, which is why we've developed a series of distraction techniques to help them stay calm and cooperative. These methods are designed to engage children in a way that minimises discomfort and facilitates the safe removal of ear wax. Our staff are trained to adapt these techniques to suit different ages and personalities, ensuring that every child feels at ease. The use of visual aids helps to divert attention from the procedure, allowing our specialists to work with precision and care. By focusing on creating a positive and secure environment, we help to ensure that your child’s experience with ear wax removal is as comfortable and safe as possible.

The Importance of Your Child's Cooperation

For the ear wax removal process to be successful and safe, it's essential that children remain still. Cooperation during the procedure not only ensures their safety but also allows for the most effective removal of wax. At Clear Ears Perth, we understand that gaining a child's cooperation can be challenging, which is why we invest time in building rapport with our young patients and explaining the process in a way they can understand. Encouraging children to be active participants in their own care promotes a more cooperative atmosphere.

Please note that If an attempt at ear wax removal is unsuccessful due to your child not being able to remain still for the procedure, we will still require full payment. If you’d like to return for a follow up appointment, the second consultation will be charged at $50. 

How to Prepare your Child for their Ear Wax Removal Appointment.

There is no need to use wax softening drops, however if you feel the need, we recommend using ‘BioRevive CleanEars Kids Earwax Removal Spray’, which is available over the counter of your local chemist and comes in an easy to apply spray. Please only use this on the day of or 1 day prior to your child’s appointment. The introduction of any liquid to the ear canal unnecessarily can increase the risk of an ear infection. That’s why we feel it is best to assess the ear canal first and apply the spray during the appointment if required. 

Another tip is have your smart phone loaded with your child’s favourite show to watch during the procedure. Of course, although we don’t condone bribery, we do offer stickers and lollipops! 

Why Choose Clear Ears Perth for Ear Wax Removal?

Clear Ears Perth is all about providing professional, empathetic and trustworthy services. As a leading ear wax removal clinic in Perth, we bring a level of expert knowledge and care that sets us apart. Our team is composed of highly trained audiologists who prioritise patient comfort and wellbeing. Please book an appointment online or call us on 08 6509 3355 to arrange Ear Wax Removal for your child today.

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