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Ear Wax Removal Audiology Clinic

We are Open 7 Days and are the sole Audiology clinic in Perth exclusively dedicated to the manual removal of cerumen using micro-suction. Our $100 comprehensive ear health assessment includes ear wax removal from both ears using micro-suction and ear health advice from a highly skilled Audiologist. We are excited to now offer our services to those living North and South of the River, with clinics open in Balcatta and Myaree.

After-Hours, Saturday and Sunday appointments are available, which makes it possible to secure a same day appointment as there is no need for any wax softeners to be used as preparation. Don't wait, get relief from the sensation of blocked ears caused by ear wax today!

All our clinicians are experienced, university-trained Clinical Audiologists, making sure you will receive the highest quality of care and expertise that is unparalleled in Perth.

Check our calendar for available appointments and book online with our easy-to-use system.

Any Questions? Read our FAQs for more details.

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Our Services

Ear Health Consultation


Ear Wax Removal by Professional Clinical Audiologist

This service includes; ear health history, otoscopic examination, ear wax removal from both ears using specialised instrumentation under magnified direct vision. All our clinicians are experienced Clinical Audiologists who will be able to assess your outer ear health and educate you on the best way to keep your ears healthy. If manual cerumen (ear wax) removal is required, a combination of micro-suction and scooping the ear wax with a curette ensures the ear wax is removed safely and easily (included in the $100). We offer convenient, flexible appointments, including after business hours and weekends. Each appointment takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes. Learn more about the advantages of the Clear Ears Perth ear wax removal method.

Why Ear Wax Micro-suction by an Audiologist?

Gentle and Painless

Ear wax micro-suction uses gentle suction to remove ear wax. Unlike ear irrigation, which can be uncomfortable, ear wax micro-suction is generally well tolerated by patients. Our experienced clinicians will ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. 

Effective and Efficient

Ear wax removal by micro-suction is highly effective. The procedure removes ear wax quickly and efficiently, with a high success rate. This means that patients can expect to experience a significant improvement in their symptoms after the procedure.


Compared to ear irrigation, ear wax micro-suction is a safer option. The procedure is less invasive and has a lower risk of complications, such as perforation of the ear drum, infection, and temporary hearing loss.


Ear irrigation is done without seeing the ear wax or the delicate structures of the ear.  Our clinicians use magnification so they are able to precisely locate the ear wax that is to be removed and avoid any damage to your ear.

Specialist Treatment

All our clinicians are Clinical Audiologists which ensures you will receive experienced care and in-depth advice drawn from the knowledge obtained through their Master of Clinical Audiology studies and wide ranging careers in Audiology. 

Ear Wax Removal Clinic

At Clear Ears Perth we specialise in ear wax removal using microsuction and collectively have performed the procedure 1000's of times. No other audiology clinic in Perth solely focuses on Ear Wax Removal and we pride ourselves on delivering expert ear health care. 


Ear wax (cerumen) is a natural protectant and should be left alone to move out of your ear through the self-cleaning mechanism of the ear canal. When cerumen accumulates to a stage that it causes issues such as; a blocked feeling in your ears, itchy ears, problems hearing, whistling hearing aids or tinnitus, then you may require removal of the ear wax manually. Book an appointment to see one of our Clinical Audiologists if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. Read about the best ways to keep your ears healthy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

Generally the procedure is well tolerated and our clinicians will ensure you are comfortable throughout. If you do feel any discomfort, please alert the audiologist to stop. The ear canal is sensitive and if there is hardened impacted ear wax or an infection, occasionally the micro-suction can cause some brief discomfort. We will ensure that the best care is taken to not damage the delicate structures of the outer ear. 

Is the cost covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance?

Unfortunately at this stage there is no Medicare Rebate or eligibility to claim through Private Health Insurance. Please read more about this in our Blog post. We will continue to campaign the relevant bodies to allow a rebate for this procedure in the future and is why we have kept the cost to $100. We do offer a 10% discount for Pensioner and Concession Card Holders.

Is the procedure suitable for children?

The manual removal of ear wax requires the patient to remain very still and be able to tolerate a loud noise in the ear. Children can find the loud sound confronting and the risk to their ear being damaged with sudden movements. That is why we have limited the age to children 4 years and over. The procedure is much the same as with adults, however we will need the full cooperation from the child and parent to ensure a successful outcome. No referral is required and the cost is $100 for the ear health consultation, which includes ear wax removal from both ears using microsuction and/or curettage. Please read more about our Paediatric Ear Wax Removal Services.

Do I have to use wax softening drops before the procedure?

At Clear Ears Perth we would rather you not have used any wax softener prior to the procedure. The use of wax softener prior to having ear irrigation has been a wide spread practice for years. If the consistency of your ear wax is already soft, then using softeners can cause the cerumen to become liquid-like and makes it more difficult to remove completely. It also can result in the cerumen and drops coating the tympanic membrane and deeper portion of the ear canal. That is why we prefer to assess your ears first and we can use wax softener throughout the procedure, if required. Cerumen that remains somewhat intact and closer to the entrance of the ear canal, can be easily and completely removed.

What if the audiologist can't remove all the ear wax in the first appointment?

We have a high success rate in removing cerumen in the first appointment. Occasionally we will need patients to use wax softeners for 2-3 days and return for a second appointment. If this is the case, we will only charge $50 for the follow up. These occasions occur when the wax is hardened and completely impacted and the clinician feels it may be close to the tympanic membrane. The softening of the hardened wax will ensure a safer and more comfortable experience. We hope that you trust our clinicians will only require this if it is completely necessary and that you understand the audiologists time is valuable.

Will I still be charged for the consultation if I don't have any ear wax to be removed?

The appointment for an ear health consultation provides you with more than just ear wax removal and we hope the clinician's advice on why you may be experiencing the symptoms you made the appointment for, is valuable and helpful. The audiologist will be able to refer you to other health professionals if appropriate and provide written resources for you to take away. Video-otoscopy will be performed which allows you to see inside your own ears for peace of mind.

What if I have an ear infection?

The micro-suction of debris from an outer ear infection can be helpful as part of the treatment plan and allows any prescribed ear drops to penetrate the ear canal to allow healing. Clear Ears Perth regularly collaborates with General Practitioners in the treatment of Otitis Externa and our audiologists have witnessed excellent results. Using water to irrigate the debris can be counterproductive and there have been many occasions when patients have sought micro-suction after having their ears irrigated with water and have acquired an ear infection.


Experienced Clinical Audiologists

Sam Mitchell, Clinical Audiologist, staff member of Clear Ears Perth

Sam Mitchell

BSc.,MClinAud. MAudA(CCP)
Accredited member of Audiology Australia

Sam has been working within health care for 14 years and has experience not only in ear wax removal but in adult and paediatric diagnostic audiology, hearing implants, adult hearing rehabilitation, custom earplug fitting, hearing aids and tinnitus counselling. Prior to completing his Master in Clinical Audiology from UWA, Sam worked as a Registered Nurse.
If ear wax removal is not needed, the consult fee of $100 still applies. Our clinicians will give you advice regarding your symptoms. If medical intervention is considered to be appropriate, a report will be sent to your GP.

Ellen Ffoulkes, Clinical Audiologist, staff member of Clear Ears Perth

Ellen Ffoulkes

BSc.,MClinAud. MAudA(CCP)
Accredited member of Audiology Australia

Ellen is passionate about patient centred care and has a wide range of experience in audiology including cochlear implant rehabilitation, paediatric audiology, hearing aids, diagnostic audiology and tinnitus counselling. Ellen graduated from UWA with a Masters in Clinical Audiology with Distinction in 2019, and is currently completing her Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of Notre Dame. 

Haylene Goh, Clinical Audiologist, staff member of Clear Ears Perth

Haylene Goh

BSc.,MClinAud. (CCP)

Senior Audiologist

Haylene is a dedicated audiologist with experience in the fields of cochlear implants, paediatric and adult diagnostics. She graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2015 and has worked as an audiologist for over 6 years. One of the highlights of her career was spending 18 months volunteering in Samoa to promote ear health in the region. Currently she is pursuing a Doctor of Medicine degree at The University of Western Australia

Michelle Guerrero-Dukha, Clinical Audiologist, staff member of Clear Ears Perth

Michelle Guerrero-Dukha

BSc.,MClinAud. MACAud 

Accredited member of The Australian College of Audiology

Michelle obtained her Masters in Clinical Audiology from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines in 2007. In 2008, she moved to Australia where she has worked in audiology clinics, specializing in adult hearing rehabilitation, tinnitus counselling and ear wax removal.  She also has experience in paediatric and industrial audiology.


Easily check our availability using the online booking system and schedule an appointment for a time and day that suits you best. Want to speak to someone? Please call us direct 08 6509 3355

Barbara Zuegg, Nedlands, Perth

“Sam was friendly and reassuring and answered all my questions with clarity.

The procedure was quick, painless, and effective.  I will be using Sam at Clear Ears Perth in the future.

I have recommended him to a couple of my friends and will continue to do so when someone is looking to get their ears de-waxed.

This suction procedure is so much easier than the ghastly water treatment, which takes ages and is painful and leaves my ears sore and tender – it is a relief to have an alternative with Clear Ears Perth."


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