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Do Clear Ears Perth Bulk Bill?

Updated: May 22

Clear Ears Perth is a local audiology service that offers ear wax removal using micro-suction and curettage under the direct magnified vision of our experienced audiologist. We believe this is the safest and most effective method of ear wax removal.

Clear Ears Perth

Ear Wax Removal Bulk Bill

Unfortunately, the Medicare Benefit Scheme (MBS) does not allow the bulk billing of ear wax removal (ear toileting) by audiologists or nurses. The specific MBS item number can only be claimed by a medical practitioner (including GP) if the following requirements are met:

· The medical practitioner personally performs the ear toilet

· The medical practitioner uses an operating microscope

· The ear toilet can’t be safely removed through the use of simpler methods or with other magnifying devices.

Therefore, the use of an operating microscope alone is not sufficient to be able to bulk bill patients for this service.

The specialised equipment used for micro-suction and curettage is not readily available at most GP practices. Therefore, in most cases irrigation (flushing with water) will be used for 'ear toileting' impacted ear wax and this is often carried out by the practice nurse.

$100 Price for Ear Wax Removal

To allow this service to be affordable for the community, we have kept the cost of the micro-suction ear wax removal service by Clear Ears Perth at $100 and a Pensioner & Concession Card Holder Discount of 10% applies.

If you'd like to book an ear wax removal service, please use our easy to follow online booking system by clicking the 'Book Online' button

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